Goshen, Indiana

Class Policies

Classes, Camps, Workshops
If you have any questions about which classes are appropriate for your level or class availability, please feel free to call 574-312-8423 or email us at riverglistenpottery@gmail.com.

Payment & Registration
Students may enroll in a class via our online registration and payment tool (PayPal); or the Registration Form may be downloaded, completed by hand and mailed in with accompanying payment (checks are to be made out to Kristen O'Dell).   Advance registration is required: at least 24 hours in advance, a week or more for some workshops. 

Please make checks payable to Kristen O'Dell. The may be mailed to Kristen O'Dell, River Glisten Pottery, 57731 CR 29, Goshen, IN 46528.

All art supplies are included in the class fees unless otherwise noted.

All classes fees must be paid in full prior to beginning of class and no later than the first class attended.  Students who enroll for a class must pay full fees regardless of planned or unplanned missed classes at the beginning, end, or during the course of the class.  A $30 returned check fee will be charged.  These policies are strictly enforced.

Tuition will be prorated for mid session enrollment of art camps. You may enroll at any time. Once enrolled, drop out students or missed camp classes cannot be deducted from tuition or tuition refunded. There will be no make-up classes.

Some classes require a minimum student enrollment and may be delayed or cancelled if the enrollment does not meet the minimum requirements

Single Days
Instructors may accept students on a given art day for a $30 fee per class.

Missed Classes & Make-Up Sessions
Students will receive a credit for all classes missed due to extenuating circumstances.  This includes illness, death, family obligations, weather related road conditions, or emergencies, which prohibit class attendance.  It is required that all students report to their instructor the nature and reason for their absence which will be noted on the attendance log.  

If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, instructor absence, or classroom is inaccessible, the instructor will then decide how and when that class will be made-up.  If no make-up session is scheduled, then all students will receive credit.  Credits can be applied only to a future class offered by the same instructor. Students will have up to one year from end of the class in which the credits were earned to use their credits.  By the end of the class, instructors must report to the Registrar: student name, number of classes missed, and number of credits.

Liabilities & Contracts
All instructors will be responsible for collecting contact/emergency information of each student.  All instructors will be responsible for contacting students for cancellations or changes to class times. 

Photograph Permission
Often we will take photographs of classroom students working with instructors or use student work for advertising and marketing purposes. We use these images without compensation to students or their families. River Glisten Pottery has permission to use photographic images of students and their art work for advertising or marketing purposes.

Dismissal Policy
If a student’s or visitor’s behavior is deemed to be rude, disruptive or inappropriate, the instructor reserves the right to dismiss the person from the class with a warning.  Students suspected of any form of substance abuse, including but not limited to drugs or alcohol, will be removed from the premises, given a warning and will not be allowed to return prior to an interview and approval by the instructor.  In the event of subsequent behavior problems or suspicion of substance abuse, they will be dismissed from class without benefit of class refund or access to further programs.

Release of Claim for Personal Injury and Property Damage
The undersigned agree that River Glisten Pottery and/or any of its agents, agencies, owner or staff, shall be released from liability claims, or demands whatsoever in the event of any accident or injury to said participant resulting or indirectly from their participation in a program or activity at River Glisten Pottery’s Open Studio, Classes, Camps, or Workshops. 

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