Goshen, Indiana

Studio Policies

Our studio is designed as a safe, creative atmosphere devoid of competition.

Arrival & Pick-up
Please be courteous of students and do not enter the studio until the previous class is dismissed. The instructor will open the door when class is completed.

Please be prompt in picking up and dropping off your student. It is important that students do not miss the project explanation at the beginning of each class.

Instructors reserve the right to refuse enrollment as necessary. Disruptive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

If you have any concerns or need to discuss a situation with an instructor, please make arrangements with that instructor to schedule a time to meet. There can be very little time between classes and it could be difficult for an instructor to discuss any concerns at length during that time.

Food & Drink
Food and drink are not allowed in the working part of the studio. There is a designated area of which to keep food during art camp sessions. Lidded water bottles are permitted but must be kept in designated location.

Personal Belongings
Please help your child to remember all coats, hats, etc. that they have worn to class.

Cell phones, electronic games, toys are not permitted while participating in the class.

Instructors will do their best to recover any lost or left items, but are not responsible for any lost or stolen clothing, toys, electronics, etc.

Please remember that we may be working with markers, paints, clay, ink, glue, pastels, charcoal, etc. and getting messy! Please dress students appropriately for an art class.

Art Gallery
Please be courteous of art exhibitions in our gallery and through out the studio. Please enjoy the artwork but do not touch work unless invited to do so.

Our studio is proud to recycle. Please use recycles bins for recyclables and trash cans for waste only.

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