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Weekly Classes

Weekly classes meet once a week for 5-6 weeks depending on the length of the session. These classes, designed by an art education professional, are tailored to match your child’s developmental needs. Classes expose children to a variety of different art materials and techniques. Some of the most popular art classes for kids include drawing lessons, pottery classes, and painting classes. Listed below are brief descriptions of what the weekly classes entail by age.

Discovery Artists
(ages 3-6)
For the preschool aged children, these classes are a fun and enriching art adventure. Classes focus...

Exploring Artists
(ages 7-10)
In these art classes, elementary school aged children continue their exploration of art. The educational aspect...

Interactive Artists
(ages 11-14)

The more serious art student will love the Interactive Artist classes! Advanced...

Leading Artists
(ages 15-17)
Are you looking for an art class that your children can attend while producing ...

Modern Artists
(ages 18+)

Did you know that we plan a weekly art class just for adults? With the...


Did you know that we can plan an art class just for your child and their friends?...

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Please keep in mind advance registration is requiredat least 24 hours prior to attending any art class. For more information about classes, expecations, and registration, please read the class policies.



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