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Inspiring Artists

Here is a list of my favorite artists who make fine art using clay. 

Antonella is a ceramicist who currently lives in Verona, Italy.  Antonella was inspired to work with clay when she saw a craftsman out in the allys of Gubbio molding a clay pot.


What I like most about Antonella's art is her use of Intaglio, or carving of the clay.  


"I was among the alleys of the city that I found myself staring enraptured [by] a craftsman who molded a clay pot.  The Earth was spinning fast in his hands and a shapeless heap could create definite forms of vases, cups, bowls...It was magic!"


Antonella's inspiration come from "The desire to dedicate myself remained forever in my heart to mold forms on a lathe, a desire that has recently begun to materialize thanks to the patience and the experience of my teacher."


I am fascinated by Antonella's carving abilities, the time she dedicates to each piece, and the designs she incorporates on different shaped forms.  I want to learn more about the Intaglio technique, as I have been wanting to try this on my own pottery for quite some time.

Antonella De Battisti

Ceramic Artist


Facebook: DeBa Ceramiche

Lisa is a Dutch ceramicist who
currently lives in Amsterdam.
She became interested in clay
a few years ago when she took
a workshop at a local art center.

What I like most about Lisa's
art, and I find we are like-
minded about this, is her desire
to focus on texture and how 
viewers respond to the texture.

"For me, texture is a thing to 
experience, not only by looking
at it but also by touching it.  
Personally, I love running my 
fingers over bumps and ridges
and other kinds of textures.  And
it's very important to me that
my work creates that same 
feeling of wanting to touch it."

Lisa's inspiration comes from
"all the beautiful shapes,
textures and colors nature
has to offer; in particular,
corals, fungi and seed pods.
Also, feathers, skin textures,
frost and plants.  Besides 
nature, I find inspiration in 
fairytales, ornamental
patterns and beautiful objects
made by other artists from

I am fascinated with the detailed work Lisa puts into her clay pieces.  I want to learn more regarding how she successfully attaches each of the little pieces to the main surface, how she goes about incorporating the colors, as well as how long one piece takes for her to make.

Lisa Biris

Ceramic Artist


Facebook: Lisa Biris Keramiek 

Katharina is a ceramicist who
is from the School of Arts Ixelles in Brussels, Belgium.  Her artwork is shown primarily in these three galleries:
The gallery Maria Clara Artpoint in Brussels, Belgium:

The Schwarz Weiss Galerie in Leipzig, Germany: http://www.scwarz-weiss-design.de/

The gallery terra rossa in Leipzig, Germany: http://www.terra-rossa-leipzig.de/

What I like most about Katharina's
art is her desire to focus on line and pattern using coiled clay.

"It is native art that I draw inspiration for my work.  My pieces are mounted with coils of various lands; exposed lines follow [a path] while maintaining their own characters.  I try to instill simplicity in their interactions.  The balance between the different textures of the surface is a language chosen by the Earth."

Katharina's inspiration comes from "the forms and colors of
indigenous pottery.  I rely on my
vessels [to be constructed] from different clay [coils]. The result is a dialogue of linear sturctures, which play around the volume created in own specific dynamics.  The balance between spontaneity and the
controlled process, I see as a focus
of my work.  The end result are
archaic stoneware vessels, crossed
by earthen lifelines."

I am fascinated with the layered clay technique Katharina uses when developing her forms.  I want to learn more regarding how she successfully blends the coils together, how she goes about finding which clays to use together, as well as the firing process used for these unique vessels.

Katharina Eichler 

Ceramic Artist


Facebook: Katharina Eichler KEramics

Kristen makes functional pottery handmade in Massachusetts.

~ Ornately elegant for everyday. ~  

Kristen Kieffer

Ceramic Artist


Facebook: Kristen Kieffer Ceramics

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